Volunteering at school is a great way to show children that school is an important part of their family’s life. Research shows that any way parents demonstrate that education is valued makes a difference.

Kids whose parents are involved in their education get better grades and have higher test scores. The more parents are involved, the more their children seem to benefit.

Children develop better social skills and show improved behaviour at school. Studies have shown that kids are less likely to skip school, are less disruptive in class and are more likely to do their homework when their parents are involved.

Parent involvement can help improve the quality of schools, raise teacher morale, and boost a school’s reputation.

When students feel supported at home and school, they develop more positive attitudes, have more self-confidence, and place a higher priority on doing well. Children of involved parents are more likely to feel included and respected.


Judy Allen Award

Each year, a member of the School community is presented with the prestigious Judy Allen Award. It is awarded to members of the community who have made an outstanding contribution to the School.

2023 Judy Allen Award winner Carrie Fowler with Principal Rob French, Judy Allen and PFA President Nadine Power.

This special Award has been named in honour of Judy Allen, an active member of the Kilvington community whose passion and enthusiasm for the School has been reflected in her involvement in a wide range of roles, including student, parent, staff member and Board member, just to name a few.

The Award recipient receives a framed certificate, and his or her name is included on the Honour Board in Dalton Hall.

Past Recipients
2023Carrie Fowler
2022Ada Shi
2021Christina Welsford
2020Sebastian Earle
2019Janine Mitchell
2018Kirsten Brooks
2017John Allin
2016Lauren Matthews
2015Kylie Owen
2014Pat Lehman
2013Ann Cleghorn
2012Val O’Bryan
2011Joan Cleghorn
2010Nicky Henderson & Gaye Wymond
2009Andrew Armstrong
2008Jean Harley

* Awarded posthumously.

  • Demonstrates an outstanding commitment to provide excellent service to co-workers,
    students and community.
  • Displays motivation, dedication and enthusiasm towards Kilvington Grammar School.
  • Shares enthusiasm for the School with the broader community.
  • Actively fosters wellbeing within the School community.
  • Consistently goes above and beyond expectations of service to the School.
  • Provides services to others that are beyond assigned responsibilities.
  • Is highly respected among his or her peers/students/parents.
  • Is looked upon as a mentor within the School community.

Do you know an amazing volunteer who fits the criteria?

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