Class Social Representatives

Class Social Representatives (CSRs) are vital to the creation of a sense of community within each year level and class. They assist in organising social events for parents and guardians and support the activities of the PFA and the school. CSRs create the opportunity for parents to participate in the journey of their children’s education at Kilvington.


Expand your Year Level below to learn who your friendly CSRs are.

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CSRs | 3 year old ELC

Daintree: Katie Amos, Tim Lyons, Diana Loi and Lucia Zheng.

Marine: Siew-Li Hammond

CSRs | 4 year old ELC

Magenta: Mark Liddell and Andrew Urquhart

Magnolia: Samantha Adamson and Sweta Ajmera

CSRs | Prep

Katie Amos, Ashwini Jansen, Anna Marcus, Kavya Petersa and Tu Truong

CSRs | Year 1

Bronwyn Giles, Vincent Xiang and Cloris Zheng

CSRs | Year 2

Ning Sun and Jenna Yan Tang

CSRs | Year 3

Krishna Choksi and Lynda Leighton

CSRs | Year 4

Megan Andrea, Jorja Cleeland and Emily Munnerley

CSRs | Year 5

Nicole Pope and June Zhang

CSRs | Year 6

Eleni Anastasiadis, Nicole Pope, Shailene Williams and June Zhang

CSRs | Year 7

Jenny Jones, Robyn Leicester and Liz Michelini

CSRs | Year 8

Chelsea Arnold, Lou Cooper and Karen Phillips

CSRs | Year 9

Louisa Graham, Maha Rickard and Joanne Turner

CSRs | Year 10

Chelsea Arnold, Tania Duncan, Susan Short and Andrea Vienet

CSRs | Year 11

Lou Cooper and Lanka Nammuni

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