Class Social Representatives 2023

Class Social Representatives (CSRs) are vital to the creation of a sense of community within each class. They assist in organising social events for parents and guardians and they support the activities of the PFA and the School. Class Social Representatives create the opportunity for parents to participate in the journey of their children’s education at Kilvington.

CSR 3 year old ELC Yvette Tulloch, Li Jiang, Kevin Long, Youstina Louka, Sweta Ajmera (all Daintree)
CSR 4 year old ELC Lauren Brown (Magenta), Rebecca McLennan, Jo Briggs (Magnolia)
CSR Prep Annie Jiang, Lisa Nicholas, Bronwyn Giles, Brenda Teh,Tim Cooper
CSR Year 1 Kieran Hopkins, Jenna Yan Tang, Tracy Li, Heather Weerdenburg
CSR Year 2
CSR Year 3 Megan Andrew
CSR Year 4
CSR Year 5 Nicole Pope, June Zhang
CSR Year 6 Meikhaela Spooner
CSR Year 7 Lou Cooper, Chelsea Arnold, Karen Phillips, Cass Becher, Sarah Newton
CSR Year 8 Maha Rickard, Caro Bruce, Louisa Graham, Joanne Turner
CSR Year 9 Tania Duncan, Nicole Verginis, Chelsea Arnold, Neelu Kapoor
CSR Year 10 Lou Cooper, Lanka Nammuni
CSR Year 11 Mandy Mcdonald, Gerri Redgwell, Melinda Tassone
CSR Year 12 Marnie Turner, Alex Hopley

If you are interested in becoming a Class Social Representative please click here.

Download the Class Rep Handbook

Class Social Representative Meetings for 2022

Wednesday 17 May Staff Lounge, 7.30-8.30pm

Wednesday 16 August Staff Lounge, 7.30-8.30pm

Wednesday 18 October Staff Lounge, 7.30-8.30pm