About PFA

Positive relationships lie at the heart of a successful learning journey: relationships between students and other students, students and staff and – perhaps, most crucially of all, – between home and school.

More important than how you get involved is that you get involved with your child’s school. The payback is enormous. You’ll get to know your fellow parents, you’ll learn what’s happening at the School, and you’ll have a hand in making it a stronger and more exciting place to learn. Plus, when you become an active member of the school community, your child learns that education is worth their time and attention. And that message is a keeper.

The Kilvington Parents’ and Friends’ Association (PFA) exists to provide a diverse range of opportunities for parents to engage with the School through social and community events. Events include Year level dinners, trivia nights, Fathers’ Day breakfasts, and Fairs which are supported with fundraising activities.

We are proud that our social and community events have enabled the PFA to contribute the following to the school: $50,000 towards Junior School playground equipment, a 3D printer, BBQs, Year 2 string instruments, flooring in the Drama room, lockers, Year 12 couches and garden furniture.

The PFA meets in the Staff Lounge for an hour from 7:30pm each month, and all parents are most welcome to attend. Details of the meeting are advertised in Kilvington’s newsletter, In The Know.

The PFA welcomes new members and innovative ideas to support the School. If you would like more information about the PFA, please do not hesitate to contact Kilvington on (03) 9578 6231 or email pfa@kilvington.vic.edu.au.

Download the PFA Constitution