Judy Allen winner 2020

February 17, 2021 11:42 am

Our 2020 most worthy recipient has made an incredible contribution to the School for near on a decade.

Head of Junior School, Sebastian Earle’s inspiring leadership style, energy and enthusiasm, and passionate commitment to education, has seen him become an integral and influential member of the Leadership Team at Kilvington.

Highly respected by students, staff and parents alike, Sebastian’s strength in pastoral care and wellbeing is reflected in the connected and loyal team he leads, the happy and optimistic students he mentors and teaches, and the confidence demonstrated by parents that their child is in good hands.

Approachable, empathic, considered, professional, a leader by example who is never content to rest on his laurels, Sebastian continuously strives to ensure that all students have every opportunity to achieve their personal best.

A well deserved recipient of this special community award. Congratulations Sebastian.